Tuesday, August 31, 2010

back in the swing of things

Day 2 of school was actually day 1 for me today... 4 classes!!!!! UGGGHHHH!!!! But I cannot complain since I only have one one Wed/Fri and none on Mondays! I am spoiled rotten on those days and beaten like an egg on Tues/Thurs. Anywho, today every professor asked the same questions, "What's your name? Where are you from? What is your major? What will you do when you graduate?" Of course I have LAME answers as always and had the not pleasure of going first multiple times because my professors thought they would "mix it up" and start with the last person... a.k.a- ME. So I say my generic name (though i love it), that I'm from the town we are all currently living in, my major is what everyone else will say, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING AFTER I LEAVE THIS PLACE! I feel like a failure for not having some incredible answer that makes everyone oo and aww and wish that they had thought of it first. Sorry people, but the name of this blog is not random, it's FACT. I am working on it though...

I am realizing one thing about this blog.. no one reads it so I can talk about people close to me (literally like feet away) and it doesn't matter... SO HERE GOESSSS!

Macy and Jacob are a precious lil couple.. I mean they look alike for goodness sake (minus that Macy isn't bald)! They have similar interests... they laugh at the same things.. they both brave Macy's cooking...
It's delightful! However. I have noticed this thing that many couples do when they spend sweet time together.. they are suddenly a Disney character. Voices way too many octaves high start happening, tickle fights begin to ensue, gigglefests occur without warning.... it's a scary thing. I am only an observer from the adjacent couch so I may not be correctly biased but I'm just saying what I'm seeing and hearing.
[Shout out to you two love birds- I love you both (yes you too Jacob) and don't want you to change anything, nor am I annoyed or venting on this public site.. just stating.]

I don't know why I always end up being "that person" that makes all the comments under my breath at everything I go to.... in class, at church, in social settings, in Gamma meetings (nothing negative about you Meagan, don't worry) I always take on the role as the person who says the things that disrupt whatever is going on... I should really work on it. I do this usually to entertain myself and sometimes it ends up entertaining others (strangers sometimes)  which only encourages my bad behavior. Oops :)

Well I am getting sick or something so I need to sleep like a sloth! NIGHT

Monday, August 30, 2010

Last First Day of School EVER

I cannot believe that I am a senior this year. I don't want to grow up yet! I am not ready to be boring and slow and boring...:( 

Today I have no classes however so it's not a bad day. It was entertaining seeing all the new freshmen though in chapel and at the first day bash. Girls trying too hard.. guys looking lost... aww good memories.

Seeing the freshmen make me realize that I am getting older and need to take responsibility. SICK. But it has to be done! Grown up Jordan here I come!!!! I refuse to be boring though. Also SICK. 

Random Thought of the Day:
Nail places are a weird thing. I went to get a pedicure before chapel today (JUDGE ME) and as I sat in the massage chair I had a thought, "This whole thing is really weird" Not a brilliant thought, I know. But I just couldn't stop thinking how odd everything was. I mean you sit in a chair that is pretty much a leather creature that kneads and shakes your body making your belly (among other things) jiggle for the whole place to see because you're sitting by a bunch of STRANGERS while a sweet Asian lady rubs your not so shaved legs and dry feet and attempts to talk to you about your life which she doesn't care about in all honesty. 

Going to a nail place always feels kind of wrong.. "Hey I'll pay you to touch my nasty feet and shave my dead skin off". I feel bad now for ever going... yet my smooth feet and cute "Hey Get In Lime" toes look and feel great!! Worth it.

Just me? I'm okay with it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello Blogland,

Forward: I am a baby blogger so don't throw me to the literary sharks after my first infant post.

This is my first blog EVER. I am very excited to start something that it seems like everyone who's anyone is into! I would like to take a moment to make a promise to the brave souls who will be reading this blog:

I promise to be as honest (while attempting to be sweet about it) as possible.

Okay, here's the thing. More than one person has expressed to me that they would love to follow me with a camera all day long because of the weird, bold, outrageous, awkward things I tend to say in public (I'm assuming)... this makes me want to believe that people actually like to hear me talk which is a lifesaver cause I LOVE TO TALK. If you know me this is an insert "DUH" moment (there will be many more to come). To clear up some questions that you may have..

  • Would I really say these things in real life? Yes I really would. And probably already have. 
  • Will my parents be embarrassed of what I say here? Not any more than usual, which is a lot.
  • Will I regret making this blog? Most likely.

So for all you people who are scared to say what you think, when you think it, without thinking about it first... this is for you. You're welcome. Here is a peeksy into my brain. Honesty reigns there so don't say you weren't warned.......

POST #1:
I told my friend Courtney that if I started a blog that I knew what the first post would be so here it is:

But really can someone explain this to me??? Do they think we can't see them doing it? Like there's a shield there where scratching and adjusting are invisible to all women?? FALSE. NEWS FLASH MEN... WE CAN SEE IT!!!!!!!!! And it's disgusting. Stop. Please. Now. I beg you.

I didn't say the first post would be pretty or sweet.. It has just been bothering me since EYW when every Freshman male thought gym shorts = grabfest time. It was overwhelming in such a large group.

OKAY now that I got that off my chest I feel better. I promise not all posts will like this one. I just really needed to put that out there and as I said before, I'm a baby blogger and am still figuring this whole blog thing out.

This blog will be random, deep, funny, and hopefully entertaining... I will work hard to keep you MyFace/Twit/Bloggies coming back for more...

night night blogland.