Monday, August 30, 2010

Last First Day of School EVER

I cannot believe that I am a senior this year. I don't want to grow up yet! I am not ready to be boring and slow and boring...:( 

Today I have no classes however so it's not a bad day. It was entertaining seeing all the new freshmen though in chapel and at the first day bash. Girls trying too hard.. guys looking lost... aww good memories.

Seeing the freshmen make me realize that I am getting older and need to take responsibility. SICK. But it has to be done! Grown up Jordan here I come!!!! I refuse to be boring though. Also SICK. 

Random Thought of the Day:
Nail places are a weird thing. I went to get a pedicure before chapel today (JUDGE ME) and as I sat in the massage chair I had a thought, "This whole thing is really weird" Not a brilliant thought, I know. But I just couldn't stop thinking how odd everything was. I mean you sit in a chair that is pretty much a leather creature that kneads and shakes your body making your belly (among other things) jiggle for the whole place to see because you're sitting by a bunch of STRANGERS while a sweet Asian lady rubs your not so shaved legs and dry feet and attempts to talk to you about your life which she doesn't care about in all honesty. 

Going to a nail place always feels kind of wrong.. "Hey I'll pay you to touch my nasty feet and shave my dead skin off". I feel bad now for ever going... yet my smooth feet and cute "Hey Get In Lime" toes look and feel great!! Worth it.

Just me? I'm okay with it.

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