Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am a hypocrite.

hi my name is jordan and i am a hypocrite. yes a hypocrite. don't worry i'm not about to get all awkward on you... 

i was walking to class this week and saw my friend leslie. she said hi and then said, "jordan, you are becoming the person you hate." wow. that's pretty harsh for a tuesday at 8am, but ok. she then helps clarify by pointing out that i am wearing an oversized sweater and tights. yes. this is me confessing to a sin that i normally call other girls out on. i have committed the sin of not wearing pants in public. i apologize. mom, dad, please be forgiving. i am embarrassed also to say that this is not my first offense; it has actually become a HABIT. i know, i should be locked away in no pant prison for all time. trust me, if this "outfit" weren't so comfy i would lock myself up.

i just needed to get that off my chest. thank you now 3 people who read my blog :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I should have been a psychologist..

Marketing is a great major... I like it, don't get me wrong. But I have always wanted to be a counsellor. The thought of listening to people explain their lives and problems and trying to help them figure things out, all while sitting on comfy couches sounds awesome. Like my favorite thing to do. Seriously. 
I don't know why but people love to tell me their life's story all the time. I LOVE IT. It never gets old.. ok maybe not never. I only don't like it when you are talking to someone and this is a conversation that should definitely be two-sided, but that other person is talking incessantly about themselves, their life, what's going on with them... and never think to ask something about you, or give you enough of a gap of silence for you to say ANYTHING. Rude. I do this myself from time to time but I try not to. Some people don't get it. Here I'll help you:


The only person like that is someone you pay to listen to you, hence not your friends, or coworkers, or even your mom and dad. Write in a journal. 

NEW SUBJECT: School is almost over... YESSS and NOOOOO I love no class, homework, etc. but I always miss my friends soooo much and miss my warm cute apartment because my parents keep our house FREEZING COLD. I don't know why we even have a heater. And I will just work and try to not overdo Christmas so I will not go back to school broke as a joke like I am right now. Maybe Starbucks and I will need to break up after our long term, serious relationship.. orrrrr maybe not. I just won't eat. :) 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Church Butts and Misspelling

So ya I am bad at keeping up this blog.. Sorry I'm busy and people are obsessed with what I have to say (JOKES). A couple of topics that have entered my mind recently are random, but I think about them a lot. Here they are:
Church Butts and Misspelling:

1st Church Butts: By this I mean that when I am church or chapel, and we stand to sing or pray, I always stare at people's butts. Not in a creepy/dirty way. But a wow.. that is interesting way. Everyone's butt looks so different. Some are long and flat, some have bubble butts, some look fake, or actually are fake (weird). And panty lines kill me. I cannot look away from the obvious line showing me exactly where your underwear ends. Sick. I don't want to see your underwear, even through your clothes. I don't want to think about what style of underwear you are currently wearing. Or be confused because I cannot figure it out. So stop making me think about it and don't have panty lines. Thank you.

2nd Misspelling: I am a senior in college. Many of my friends are seniors as well, or close to the same age. We should know how to spell by now. AND we should know about a little thing called SPELLCHECK. It is a magical tool people use to see if there are errors in your writing, for those of you who have never experienced the wonders of spellcheck. This bothers me for some reason. Like misspelling simple words... to, too, their, they are, they're, their...
People misuse these all. the. time. 
I will call you out if you text me the wrong use of these words. 

Sorry this blog is my rant blog. But you don't have to read this. But you might want to... 

I am so ready for this stupid thing called school to be OVER. It is ruining my social life. I can't wait to just work and not have to do school too. I also cannot wait to not be broke. I need to learn how to manage my money better... BYE BYE Starbucks addiction :(

Friday, November 19, 2010


Wow. It has been waayyy too long since my last post (you can slap me on the virtual hand)! A few things have happened since then!

Exciting things:
My BFF at work Wendy had her baby named Cannen Ace :) precious,
Classes are in full swing

This last one means so much to me! I have always wanted to do this since I first saw Spring Sing a LONG time ago. It also means a lot to my Grandma :) Love her.

End of my life
One thing I am freaking out about is that my life is almost over. By that I mean that school is going by sooooo fast and my big girl life is quickly approaching. I don't feel like a big girl yet. This is a problem. We rush to grow up our whole lives and then when it finally gets here.. we want to be a kid again. Why do I always want what i can't have?? I'm so immature! It frustrates me sometimes. This is what has been on my mind alot lately. People ask me all the time what I am going to do after I graduate. I am getting really tired of that looming question. So to answer it: I DON'T KNOW. THE END.

in conclusion: come see me in Spring Sing 2011!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pet Peeves

     If you know me at all you know that I am easily annoyed. AND am not afraid to say it when I am. Not in a crazy, unhappy person way. But I feel in a logical, realistic way. Annoying people are everywhere, but there seems to be a large population at OC. There's one in every class. One person who makes my teeth grind. One person who does or says something that makes me give them the "really?" look. A girl in my class (right now) takes me to the edge every day. I will now list some of my pet peeves.. hopefully that girl in my class will read this...

Pet Peeve List:

Laughing at things that aren't funny
Teachers pets
people being fake
people telling me what to do because it's "right" according to them
stepping on my feet or toes
being unobservant (stop stepping on my toes)
people with no common sense
people who are inconsiderate
people who walk slow in front of cars and can help it
people worrying too much about what others think of them
people being too uptight
unnecessary drama
social clingers (you know who you are)
bad story tellers
pointless meetings

people with no backbone
morning people (you can't possibly be that happy)
people who only do things or "are" things because they think it's cool, not because it's actually what they think or believe

name brand snobs
people who think they know everything
horrible drivers

people who make others feel bad for not wanting to be constantly doing something
people who don't say "i'm sorry" or "thank you"
"LOL" (enough said)
Facebook statuses that are about their club/sorority/fraternity (NO ONE CARES ABOUT IT BUT 
Copy cats

people who think they are better than you because they write poetry/read literature/drink tea/dance like hippies/don't wear shoes/disagree with me/need to shower/give bad looks/think they are "deeper" than me because they are "intellectuals" (you don't know me)

when people don't brush their teeth before chapel and then want to WHISPER really close to my face (sick)

WOW. I am out of breath (figuratively). Don't pretend like you don't have a bunch of pet peeves too. And if you still say you don't... then you fit into at least one of my pet peeves.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I wish I were a boy

Sometimes I wish I were a boy... 

    By that I mean I wish I could act how boys act. I wish I could put aside all feelings and use my brain and not my heart. I wish I could just roll out of bed and show up and no one care that I look like a mess. I wish I could not grow up by choice and blame it on "maturity." I wish I could travel the world ALONE and it be safe and accepted. I wish I could live the selfish life of "what do I want to do?" and not be looked at weird. I wish I could go to arby's and buy one of everything without feeling like a pregnant cow. I wish I could not shower for 3 days and people think it's normal behavior. I wish I could have a universal excuse for acting barbaric...       

But I am thrilled to be a woman who is not barbaric by choice, who showers regularly, who eats like a queen, who thinks about others, who enjoys being with friends, who is growing up and not fighting it, who enjoys the quiet time in the morning while getting ready, who thinks with my my big heart...
I'm ok with it. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

People Watcher

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am a people watcher. 
I could do it all day long. I could sit in one place all day watching, taking observations, thinking, and talking about people. I am fascinated. People who are alone, people with people, people who wish they are with people... so entertaining. My favorite, even though it's painful to watch, are people who try to impress other people. I cringe, yet cannot look away. It could be the super loud, obnoxious guy in the caf who thinks every human being in a one mile radius wants to hear his HILARIOUS story that actually is not funny. It could also be the girl who thinks everyone in the room is staring in awe of her beauty when in all actuality no know even noticed her walk in. And then there's the kid sitting alone and looking around at everyone with everyone having the fun he or she wishes they were having. Painful, funny, entertaining, weird, annoying, sweet... all these people I love to watch. I love making stories for their lives from what I gather in the few second I may have with them. And might I add that I am usually correct or close to the truth. The real truth is that people are easy to read. We all give signals and signs that hint at who we really are. Body language is HUUUGE. I can count at least a dozen times that I have witnessed the "painful couple." No i don't mean the sickly lovey dovey couple. I mean the one where one person is in-it-to-win-it and the other wishes they were 1 million miles away. Painful. I wish I could go to the person with the false hope and say "Give it up, kid. She's obviously signed out and you look like a fool." But that might upset some people. I sometimes watch miscommunications happen right before my eyes and want to fix it for people.. I guess that's the inner counselor in me thinking and wanting to help. I apologize for the staring and analyzing.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lucky You

For most people, when they find out people are reading their blog they probably feel nervous that they could have said something offensive at some point. So from then on they watch what they say, just to be safe... Well lucky for you blogland I feel none of that! Don't fret friends! I will continue to bring you my thoughts and feelings freely. 

If I had to worry about what I said on here, I wouldn't have a blog. I would have a journal. In my room. That no one read. But me. And God of course. I do have one of those. Technically I have like 4 journals, all with different purposes. I get it from my sweet father, so blame him.

The next time I have some big random or not random thought I will let you all know. 

Bye bye honesty lovers!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honesty Hurts

For those of you who are newcomers to my blog, let me reiterate that this blog is made to be my medium of honesty.

This word means many different things to different people. To some it means saying what you think in a censored, edited way that makes people still like you and feel all warm and fuzzy. I am not one of those people. I believe in honesty that is not meant to hurt, but is not fake. I believe in real honesty that actually tells the honest truth. That was what my last blog post was expressing. Yes some of you men and even some women may think that I am some feministic, man-hater. 
I love boys. More than many other women do. I have a positive view of men, trust me. I am just expressing what I see in my generation of fellas. Observations if you will. And I am not alone. What I said in my previous post can be backed up by what I have heard MANY young women say recently. Sorry we're not giving you boys high fives and oooing and ahhing at your big muscles. I'd love to do that, if you had some muscles to oo and ah at. ;) 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Men will be boys

One thing that I find quite hilarious is when I hear that guys are "scared" of girls. Really? The big bad woman lady is gonna get ya? hahaaaaaa ahhhh this never ceases to make ma laugh and giggle like a little monstrous girl. I mean men often say that women are inferior to men... so what's the big fright about? If I feel stronger than something I am not going to be afraid of it, correct? It doesn't make any sense. 

So let me get this straight:  Women are inferior to men. So men are scared of them. Then the women feel the men's vulnerability and stomp all over them stealing not only their dignity but their "man" jobs as well. Then the men pout and tell women to treat them like the men that they are! Then women tell them they will... once they act the part. 

hmmm there seem to be some missing pieces along with some interesting connections... I just find this whole web fascinating. You men crack me up! Oops I meant to say boys. ;)

Real men view women as their equals under God. Aren't afraid of women, but adore them for the creatures that God made them. They are strong and leave no gap for women to stomp on them. They are treated like the men that they are because they ACT like the men that God made them to be. 

But what do I know. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love fall

Ohh Autumn.. you have a special place in my heart... There is just something about it getting cooler outside, the yummy cinnamon smells, the leaves changing, the decorations, the colors... I cannot get enough. I have soooo many fond memories for fall that I cannot help but get excited just thinking about it!!! 

going to Tulsa with my parents,
going to Davis with my whole family,
college football,
opening windows, 
cool air,
late night coffee outside,
walks through the park,
pumpkin anything,
halloween and autumn decorations,
my favorite colors...

Ahh such a precious gift God gives me every year! Today I was thinking about the blessing of memories. What an incredible gift. Being able to smell something and go back in time. Looking at something and it reminding you of something from years ago. Amazing. Thank you Lord for memories!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One thing I failed to mention about a week ago was this funny, flattering story.

The other day my friend Megan told me she did something creepy. She said she saved some of my Washington scenic pictures I'd put on Facebook to her computer, printed them out at Walmart, and placed them on her walls in her apartment fro decoration... WHAT A COMPLIMENT! I wasn't weirded out in the least! I was thrilled that someone thought my photos were worthy enough to be displayed on her walls!!! Ahhh.. such a nice thing to think about. I do love photography but do not consider myself a photographer at all. I just like doing it for my own pleasure. Even then, I am just beaming from pride and blushing with flattery. Thanks Megan for the p.d.a. towards my hobby. :)

Here's one peek to for you people who won't be going into Megan's bedroom any time soon....

See... Nothing special. But still a nice gesture.

Random subject for the day:
Is it appropriate to take your shoes off and lounge on a couch in a PUBLIC PLACE?
I am currently sitting across from a man at Cuppies and Joe who has taken his shoes off and is LAYING on the couch reading. OK. I get it. We all want to be comfy and Cuppies is a comfy place. BUT YOU ARE TOO COMFY. Really? I don't want to see your black stinky socks outside of the home of your shoes. Nor do I want to sit on that end of that couch ever in the future because all I will be able to think about is your feet oil oosing into the fabric and making it sooty. SICK. 

Thanks alot black sock man.. you just distracted me from very important things and now I will only 90% enjoy my "Mint for Each Other" cupcake. Thanks. 

I have now successfully distracted myself from studying for a good block of time. Guess it's time to be a grown up and stick to the books!!! BYE!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marijuana tramp stamps, fried oreos, and drunk karaoke singers...

Ahhh the Oklahoma State Fair...
nothing like it in the whole world. If I were not from Oklahoma and not used to the severely obese, smoking like a chimney, loud, obnoxious hicks who reside here in OK I might have been overwhelmed.. but not me! Luckily culture shock is not shocking to me. Lucky me. 

I indulged in an Indian Taco (like every year), deep fried oreos, and a sweet tea... mmmmm. Courtney,    Amy, and I enjoyed watching drunk people sing for their also wasted, adoring strangers. How sweet! They actually sounded decent, surprisingly. We also saw a lady with a marijuana leaf tattooed on her lower lower back. CLASSSSYYYY!!!! Sick lady, what are you gonna tell that lil baby you're chasing around the fair when she grows up and asks "Mommy what's that??".

Random Advice:

#1: Don't buy the cheap kind of bobby pins. THEY DON'T WORK. Splurge the extra $1
#2: Support bands you like who aren't mainstream and possibly struggling
#3: Go through your clothes at least every 6 months and give away what you don't wear
#4: A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen
#5: Call or visit your parents, they love and miss you
#6: Take advice whether you want to or not
#7: Look people in the eyes (even if it feels like they are reading/stealing your soul)
#8: Decide to be in a genuinely happy mood for one whole day
#9: Physically write down specific blessings in your life and read them to yourself
#10: Write a random thank you note to someone

These are just a few things I have been thinking about lately and feel should be shared. You're welcome.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

things in life that make me happy no matter what..

the happy list

people watching
my mom's infamous chocolate chip cookies
rainy sunday naps
candles that smell like fall
old, pretty books
small coffee shops
dinner around the kitchen table with my family
Christmas Eve
when the seasons change
walks with my parents
finding new music 
making smores 
star gazing 
great thrift store finds
taking pictures of nature

Friday, September 10, 2010

Guys Are Stupid and Girls are Crazy

One thing I have realized in my 21 short years of being on this earth is that boys are stupid and girls are seriously crazy. No seriously. The more I watch guys and girls interact the more this theory is clear to me. 

Example: Boy says, "How was your day?"
Girl thinks, "Wow he is soooo into me!"
Boy is actually thinking, "I should be polite and ask how her day was."

Another example: Boy mentions girl to a friend, "Ya and Sarah was there."
Girl hears this and thinks this, "He is talking to all of his friends about me!"

Get the idea? Boys are clueless and girls should be put in a padded room (not all together of course because the catty, insecure comparing ourselves to one another would take over and would lead to a massacre) I think it's almost comical how God made guys and girls not able to communicate. I was telling someone the other day how when he does certain things they means something completely different to girls. I watch miscommunications happen every day.. my own weird entertainment..

This video is a good explanation for you guys out there who are still in the dark..
(These guys are acting how girls act, too true)

Random thoughts of the day.. Next time you see a couple or a group of guys and girls.. watch for the signs of miscommunication and LAUGH. The end.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peopleless pictures and some happy things that make me giddy

Sheee Shells in Venice

Eye on top of the Eiffel tower

Lunch in Downtown Portland

Beach in Scotland (so windy and COLD!)

Coast coffee shop in Washington

Here are some pictures I've taken for fun... as you can see I like things not people. That's my eye at the top but as usual it's in digital macro so there's not just a pic of a person. 

I wonder if the fact that I like to take pictures of things and not people means something. In Europe I had to keep reminding myself to put people in my pictures. Am i deranged?? Am I that scary child who cuts the heads out of family portraits!!?? I hope not... Sometimes I seriously wonder if I'm a crazy person and all of my "friends" are actually just people being nice to me because they feel sorry for me and my insanity. Again, I hope not...

Today I started listening to Yanni (judge me), burned a "leaves" scented candle, cracked open my chocolate brown curtains, organized my room (which i love and could live in forever, even with a husband and family).... it was GLORIOUS! It reminded me of freshman year which reminds me of Fall, which reminds me of October which reminds me of going to Tulsa with my parents every year, which reminds me of going to the cabin with my whole family, which reminds me of fooooood ... all of my favorite things!!!! 

AH!!!! I am soooo happy right now thinking about all of the things that make me smile when I think about them! Don't you love thinking about all the things you LOVE?? I could right a whole book about all the things and places and people and memories that make my heart flutter with pure joy! I wish I could bottle up this feeling and give it to everyone, because everyone needs to feel this..

I hope everyone at some time can look around and be overwhelmed by everything around them and how good it is. I feel this often, but probably not often enough. Count cha blessings friends!!! I don't even think i could count that high..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am the white Tyra Banks

Today I went to Chick fil a for the 4th day in a row to take advantage of the the free meals and shakes provided for OC students! While I was there my friend Ashley said this to me after seeing my driver's license picture.. "You are the white Tyra Banks!" Can someone tell me if I should be concerned? Should I change my picture?? I am worried. Also in Geography today I sneezed and my professor stopped and said, "That was so cute! Adorable!" ... didn't know how to reach to that one either..

Things like this always make me curious about what people say behind my back.. I probably would be better off not knowing but a girl can wonder, right?? When you say too much too often, people tend to have a lot of ammo back at you. This is usually from the people who are too scared to say half the things they actually feel. :(

I feel sorry for people who are afraid to speak their mind, I really do! I tried one day to not say hardly anything... it only lasted about 2 hours. LAME. So I realize that I should try to keep some thoughts to myself more often. I would just rather say what I think and feel and be bold and confident about it rather than always worrying who's going to be upset by the tiniest thing. I hate walking on eggshells with people! Lighten up! People who are touchy about everything and anything you say to them are insecure. I know because I used to be like that when I was younger. Gross. Not a good way to live life, trust me.

Well I am pooped. Sorry today's post is ME ME ME. I will work on that as well...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

back in the swing of things

Day 2 of school was actually day 1 for me today... 4 classes!!!!! UGGGHHHH!!!! But I cannot complain since I only have one one Wed/Fri and none on Mondays! I am spoiled rotten on those days and beaten like an egg on Tues/Thurs. Anywho, today every professor asked the same questions, "What's your name? Where are you from? What is your major? What will you do when you graduate?" Of course I have LAME answers as always and had the not pleasure of going first multiple times because my professors thought they would "mix it up" and start with the last person... a.k.a- ME. So I say my generic name (though i love it), that I'm from the town we are all currently living in, my major is what everyone else will say, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING AFTER I LEAVE THIS PLACE! I feel like a failure for not having some incredible answer that makes everyone oo and aww and wish that they had thought of it first. Sorry people, but the name of this blog is not random, it's FACT. I am working on it though...

I am realizing one thing about this blog.. no one reads it so I can talk about people close to me (literally like feet away) and it doesn't matter... SO HERE GOESSSS!

Macy and Jacob are a precious lil couple.. I mean they look alike for goodness sake (minus that Macy isn't bald)! They have similar interests... they laugh at the same things.. they both brave Macy's cooking...
It's delightful! However. I have noticed this thing that many couples do when they spend sweet time together.. they are suddenly a Disney character. Voices way too many octaves high start happening, tickle fights begin to ensue, gigglefests occur without warning.... it's a scary thing. I am only an observer from the adjacent couch so I may not be correctly biased but I'm just saying what I'm seeing and hearing.
[Shout out to you two love birds- I love you both (yes you too Jacob) and don't want you to change anything, nor am I annoyed or venting on this public site.. just stating.]

I don't know why I always end up being "that person" that makes all the comments under my breath at everything I go to.... in class, at church, in social settings, in Gamma meetings (nothing negative about you Meagan, don't worry) I always take on the role as the person who says the things that disrupt whatever is going on... I should really work on it. I do this usually to entertain myself and sometimes it ends up entertaining others (strangers sometimes)  which only encourages my bad behavior. Oops :)

Well I am getting sick or something so I need to sleep like a sloth! NIGHT

Monday, August 30, 2010

Last First Day of School EVER

I cannot believe that I am a senior this year. I don't want to grow up yet! I am not ready to be boring and slow and boring...:( 

Today I have no classes however so it's not a bad day. It was entertaining seeing all the new freshmen though in chapel and at the first day bash. Girls trying too hard.. guys looking lost... aww good memories.

Seeing the freshmen make me realize that I am getting older and need to take responsibility. SICK. But it has to be done! Grown up Jordan here I come!!!! I refuse to be boring though. Also SICK. 

Random Thought of the Day:
Nail places are a weird thing. I went to get a pedicure before chapel today (JUDGE ME) and as I sat in the massage chair I had a thought, "This whole thing is really weird" Not a brilliant thought, I know. But I just couldn't stop thinking how odd everything was. I mean you sit in a chair that is pretty much a leather creature that kneads and shakes your body making your belly (among other things) jiggle for the whole place to see because you're sitting by a bunch of STRANGERS while a sweet Asian lady rubs your not so shaved legs and dry feet and attempts to talk to you about your life which she doesn't care about in all honesty. 

Going to a nail place always feels kind of wrong.. "Hey I'll pay you to touch my nasty feet and shave my dead skin off". I feel bad now for ever going... yet my smooth feet and cute "Hey Get In Lime" toes look and feel great!! Worth it.

Just me? I'm okay with it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello Blogland,

Forward: I am a baby blogger so don't throw me to the literary sharks after my first infant post.

This is my first blog EVER. I am very excited to start something that it seems like everyone who's anyone is into! I would like to take a moment to make a promise to the brave souls who will be reading this blog:

I promise to be as honest (while attempting to be sweet about it) as possible.

Okay, here's the thing. More than one person has expressed to me that they would love to follow me with a camera all day long because of the weird, bold, outrageous, awkward things I tend to say in public (I'm assuming)... this makes me want to believe that people actually like to hear me talk which is a lifesaver cause I LOVE TO TALK. If you know me this is an insert "DUH" moment (there will be many more to come). To clear up some questions that you may have..

  • Would I really say these things in real life? Yes I really would. And probably already have. 
  • Will my parents be embarrassed of what I say here? Not any more than usual, which is a lot.
  • Will I regret making this blog? Most likely.

So for all you people who are scared to say what you think, when you think it, without thinking about it first... this is for you. You're welcome. Here is a peeksy into my brain. Honesty reigns there so don't say you weren't warned.......

POST #1:
I told my friend Courtney that if I started a blog that I knew what the first post would be so here it is:

But really can someone explain this to me??? Do they think we can't see them doing it? Like there's a shield there where scratching and adjusting are invisible to all women?? FALSE. NEWS FLASH MEN... WE CAN SEE IT!!!!!!!!! And it's disgusting. Stop. Please. Now. I beg you.

I didn't say the first post would be pretty or sweet.. It has just been bothering me since EYW when every Freshman male thought gym shorts = grabfest time. It was overwhelming in such a large group.

OKAY now that I got that off my chest I feel better. I promise not all posts will like this one. I just really needed to put that out there and as I said before, I'm a baby blogger and am still figuring this whole blog thing out.

This blog will be random, deep, funny, and hopefully entertaining... I will work hard to keep you MyFace/Twit/Bloggies coming back for more...

night night blogland.