Friday, December 3, 2010

Church Butts and Misspelling

So ya I am bad at keeping up this blog.. Sorry I'm busy and people are obsessed with what I have to say (JOKES). A couple of topics that have entered my mind recently are random, but I think about them a lot. Here they are:
Church Butts and Misspelling:

1st Church Butts: By this I mean that when I am church or chapel, and we stand to sing or pray, I always stare at people's butts. Not in a creepy/dirty way. But a wow.. that is interesting way. Everyone's butt looks so different. Some are long and flat, some have bubble butts, some look fake, or actually are fake (weird). And panty lines kill me. I cannot look away from the obvious line showing me exactly where your underwear ends. Sick. I don't want to see your underwear, even through your clothes. I don't want to think about what style of underwear you are currently wearing. Or be confused because I cannot figure it out. So stop making me think about it and don't have panty lines. Thank you.

2nd Misspelling: I am a senior in college. Many of my friends are seniors as well, or close to the same age. We should know how to spell by now. AND we should know about a little thing called SPELLCHECK. It is a magical tool people use to see if there are errors in your writing, for those of you who have never experienced the wonders of spellcheck. This bothers me for some reason. Like misspelling simple words... to, too, their, they are, they're, their...
People misuse these all. the. time. 
I will call you out if you text me the wrong use of these words. 

Sorry this blog is my rant blog. But you don't have to read this. But you might want to... 

I am so ready for this stupid thing called school to be OVER. It is ruining my social life. I can't wait to just work and not have to do school too. I also cannot wait to not be broke. I need to learn how to manage my money better... BYE BYE Starbucks addiction :(

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  1. Jordan.. I love you! ha!
    I stare at butts too! I love that you just put it out there! When thinking about what to wear to church, I think to myself "is this going to give me a wedgie when I stand up?"

    I also agree completely on the spelling thing. Not all people are blessed with good spelling skills, but we have ALL been blessed w/ spellcheck. A girl I know has an etsy shop and she has works misspelled on there. It's NUTS!

    Hope you're having a good weekend!