Friday, October 29, 2010

Pet Peeves

     If you know me at all you know that I am easily annoyed. AND am not afraid to say it when I am. Not in a crazy, unhappy person way. But I feel in a logical, realistic way. Annoying people are everywhere, but there seems to be a large population at OC. There's one in every class. One person who makes my teeth grind. One person who does or says something that makes me give them the "really?" look. A girl in my class (right now) takes me to the edge every day. I will now list some of my pet peeves.. hopefully that girl in my class will read this...

Pet Peeve List:

Laughing at things that aren't funny
Teachers pets
people being fake
people telling me what to do because it's "right" according to them
stepping on my feet or toes
being unobservant (stop stepping on my toes)
people with no common sense
people who are inconsiderate
people who walk slow in front of cars and can help it
people worrying too much about what others think of them
people being too uptight
unnecessary drama
social clingers (you know who you are)
bad story tellers
pointless meetings

people with no backbone
morning people (you can't possibly be that happy)
people who only do things or "are" things because they think it's cool, not because it's actually what they think or believe

name brand snobs
people who think they know everything
horrible drivers

people who make others feel bad for not wanting to be constantly doing something
people who don't say "i'm sorry" or "thank you"
"LOL" (enough said)
Facebook statuses that are about their club/sorority/fraternity (NO ONE CARES ABOUT IT BUT 
Copy cats

people who think they are better than you because they write poetry/read literature/drink tea/dance like hippies/don't wear shoes/disagree with me/need to shower/give bad looks/think they are "deeper" than me because they are "intellectuals" (you don't know me)

when people don't brush their teeth before chapel and then want to WHISPER really close to my face (sick)

WOW. I am out of breath (figuratively). Don't pretend like you don't have a bunch of pet peeves too. And if you still say you don't... then you fit into at least one of my pet peeves.

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  1. im the lol person...ill just come out and say it