Friday, October 15, 2010

People Watcher

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am a people watcher. 
I could do it all day long. I could sit in one place all day watching, taking observations, thinking, and talking about people. I am fascinated. People who are alone, people with people, people who wish they are with people... so entertaining. My favorite, even though it's painful to watch, are people who try to impress other people. I cringe, yet cannot look away. It could be the super loud, obnoxious guy in the caf who thinks every human being in a one mile radius wants to hear his HILARIOUS story that actually is not funny. It could also be the girl who thinks everyone in the room is staring in awe of her beauty when in all actuality no know even noticed her walk in. And then there's the kid sitting alone and looking around at everyone with everyone having the fun he or she wishes they were having. Painful, funny, entertaining, weird, annoying, sweet... all these people I love to watch. I love making stories for their lives from what I gather in the few second I may have with them. And might I add that I am usually correct or close to the truth. The real truth is that people are easy to read. We all give signals and signs that hint at who we really are. Body language is HUUUGE. I can count at least a dozen times that I have witnessed the "painful couple." No i don't mean the sickly lovey dovey couple. I mean the one where one person is in-it-to-win-it and the other wishes they were 1 million miles away. Painful. I wish I could go to the person with the false hope and say "Give it up, kid. She's obviously signed out and you look like a fool." But that might upset some people. I sometimes watch miscommunications happen right before my eyes and want to fix it for people.. I guess that's the inner counselor in me thinking and wanting to help. I apologize for the staring and analyzing.

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