Monday, January 24, 2011

No Facebook=more blogging

Sooooo since I am on self-probation from FB I am having some withdrawals. Hence why I am writing on here a bunch. Without FB I feel sort of lost on news around town. It's sad when i have to ask Macy to look something up for me on FB.. speaking of Macy, she has been a cooking/baking queen!!! I am so lucky to have her here to fatten me up. Last night she made us pancakes and today she made 1 million no bakes!!! MY FAV!!!
YES, that is butter.

So haaappy!

At this rate I will gain another 10 lbs before Spring Sing.. OH GOODIE. 

On another note: I need new music. I hate listening to the same stuff always.. new music is like Christmas day for me. I cannot take credit for it (as much as I would like to) but my friend sent this girl to me. This song is incredible! I have watched it like 100 times. WATCH IT NOW. ALL OF IT.

I had something brilliant to say.. but now I don't remember. Till next time..

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  1. hahaha yay for good food. I love your blog you are so funny.