Saturday, January 22, 2011

Starbucks Creep

I am a Starbucks creep. I could sit here all day long and watch people/eavesdrop on their conversations. Sometimes I wish I could forget people's conversations though... some people are painful to watch. I know I've talked about this before. But if I could get paid to stare at strangers I would do it in a heartbeat. So many different scenarios... cute old man who is kinda lost, business partners discussing contracts, old friends catching up, first date (super awkward), 1 millionth date (cute), and then there's always the one person who doesn't want to date but the other does.... painful. BUT I CANNOT LOOK AWAY. Poor kid, if he only knew no matter how many "nice guy" things he says, she ain't gonna take the bait. I go to other Starbucks besides the one by school cause.. I like to see people I don't know, not the same 2,000 I see waaaay too much. And if I eavesdropped on the convos of people I knew.. not as fun and super creepy. 

When older people are crashin at Sbucks all day long, not doing anything, I want to ask them how they make a living drinking coffee all day?? SIGN ME UP! Why do all of my dream jobs consist of doing things that make no money? Sad day. I would love to get paid to have coffee with close friends, casually shop, and eat at yummy restaurants... yep that's not a job as of yet. One day perhaps?

Tiny people scare me. If a guy wears the same size jeans as a 7th grade girl, it's alarming. Stop that nonsense. It's weird how I could seriously not fit my arm in some of the jeans some people wear. I'm not sure if that is saying I need smaller arms or those people need to grow 3x what they currently are.. hmm

I am just blabbing about the random things I am seeing...

I feel bad for being against Toms (the shoes, not the guys). I love people in Africa just as much as the next person but I would rather just send them 20 pairs of shoes rather than buy some sickly overpriced, bad quality, social fashion statement, ends up smelling like dead animals, shoes. I really repel everything that OC students obsess over. OOPS. 
Welp I need to do stuff... but I'd like to thank my blog for allowing me to waste precious time :)


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