Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One thing I failed to mention about a week ago was this funny, flattering story.

The other day my friend Megan told me she did something creepy. She said she saved some of my Washington scenic pictures I'd put on Facebook to her computer, printed them out at Walmart, and placed them on her walls in her apartment fro decoration... WHAT A COMPLIMENT! I wasn't weirded out in the least! I was thrilled that someone thought my photos were worthy enough to be displayed on her walls!!! Ahhh.. such a nice thing to think about. I do love photography but do not consider myself a photographer at all. I just like doing it for my own pleasure. Even then, I am just beaming from pride and blushing with flattery. Thanks Megan for the p.d.a. towards my hobby. :)

Here's one peek to for you people who won't be going into Megan's bedroom any time soon....

See... Nothing special. But still a nice gesture.

Random subject for the day:
Is it appropriate to take your shoes off and lounge on a couch in a PUBLIC PLACE?
I am currently sitting across from a man at Cuppies and Joe who has taken his shoes off and is LAYING on the couch reading. OK. I get it. We all want to be comfy and Cuppies is a comfy place. BUT YOU ARE TOO COMFY. Really? I don't want to see your black stinky socks outside of the home of your shoes. Nor do I want to sit on that end of that couch ever in the future because all I will be able to think about is your feet oil oosing into the fabric and making it sooty. SICK. 

Thanks alot black sock man.. you just distracted me from very important things and now I will only 90% enjoy my "Mint for Each Other" cupcake. Thanks. 

I have now successfully distracted myself from studying for a good block of time. Guess it's time to be a grown up and stick to the books!!! BYE!

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