Friday, September 10, 2010

Guys Are Stupid and Girls are Crazy

One thing I have realized in my 21 short years of being on this earth is that boys are stupid and girls are seriously crazy. No seriously. The more I watch guys and girls interact the more this theory is clear to me. 

Example: Boy says, "How was your day?"
Girl thinks, "Wow he is soooo into me!"
Boy is actually thinking, "I should be polite and ask how her day was."

Another example: Boy mentions girl to a friend, "Ya and Sarah was there."
Girl hears this and thinks this, "He is talking to all of his friends about me!"

Get the idea? Boys are clueless and girls should be put in a padded room (not all together of course because the catty, insecure comparing ourselves to one another would take over and would lead to a massacre) I think it's almost comical how God made guys and girls not able to communicate. I was telling someone the other day how when he does certain things they means something completely different to girls. I watch miscommunications happen every day.. my own weird entertainment..

This video is a good explanation for you guys out there who are still in the dark..
(These guys are acting how girls act, too true)

Random thoughts of the day.. Next time you see a couple or a group of guys and girls.. watch for the signs of miscommunication and LAUGH. The end.

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  1. SO TRUE! and that video was hilarious! I love your blog even though you dont read mine. yep
    haha love you!