Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love fall

Ohh Autumn.. you have a special place in my heart... There is just something about it getting cooler outside, the yummy cinnamon smells, the leaves changing, the decorations, the colors... I cannot get enough. I have soooo many fond memories for fall that I cannot help but get excited just thinking about it!!! 

going to Tulsa with my parents,
going to Davis with my whole family,
college football,
opening windows, 
cool air,
late night coffee outside,
walks through the park,
pumpkin anything,
halloween and autumn decorations,
my favorite colors...

Ahh such a precious gift God gives me every year! Today I was thinking about the blessing of memories. What an incredible gift. Being able to smell something and go back in time. Looking at something and it reminding you of something from years ago. Amazing. Thank you Lord for memories!

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