Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marijuana tramp stamps, fried oreos, and drunk karaoke singers...

Ahhh the Oklahoma State Fair...
nothing like it in the whole world. If I were not from Oklahoma and not used to the severely obese, smoking like a chimney, loud, obnoxious hicks who reside here in OK I might have been overwhelmed.. but not me! Luckily culture shock is not shocking to me. Lucky me. 

I indulged in an Indian Taco (like every year), deep fried oreos, and a sweet tea... mmmmm. Courtney,    Amy, and I enjoyed watching drunk people sing for their also wasted, adoring strangers. How sweet! They actually sounded decent, surprisingly. We also saw a lady with a marijuana leaf tattooed on her lower lower back. CLASSSSYYYY!!!! Sick lady, what are you gonna tell that lil baby you're chasing around the fair when she grows up and asks "Mommy what's that??".

Random Advice:

#1: Don't buy the cheap kind of bobby pins. THEY DON'T WORK. Splurge the extra $1
#2: Support bands you like who aren't mainstream and possibly struggling
#3: Go through your clothes at least every 6 months and give away what you don't wear
#4: A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen
#5: Call or visit your parents, they love and miss you
#6: Take advice whether you want to or not
#7: Look people in the eyes (even if it feels like they are reading/stealing your soul)
#8: Decide to be in a genuinely happy mood for one whole day
#9: Physically write down specific blessings in your life and read them to yourself
#10: Write a random thank you note to someone

These are just a few things I have been thinking about lately and feel should be shared. You're welcome.

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  1. can i have a day that i just get to be mad? yes?