Monday, September 27, 2010

Men will be boys

One thing that I find quite hilarious is when I hear that guys are "scared" of girls. Really? The big bad woman lady is gonna get ya? hahaaaaaa ahhhh this never ceases to make ma laugh and giggle like a little monstrous girl. I mean men often say that women are inferior to men... so what's the big fright about? If I feel stronger than something I am not going to be afraid of it, correct? It doesn't make any sense. 

So let me get this straight:  Women are inferior to men. So men are scared of them. Then the women feel the men's vulnerability and stomp all over them stealing not only their dignity but their "man" jobs as well. Then the men pout and tell women to treat them like the men that they are! Then women tell them they will... once they act the part. 

hmmm there seem to be some missing pieces along with some interesting connections... I just find this whole web fascinating. You men crack me up! Oops I meant to say boys. ;)

Real men view women as their equals under God. Aren't afraid of women, but adore them for the creatures that God made them. They are strong and leave no gap for women to stomp on them. They are treated like the men that they are because they ACT like the men that God made them to be. 

But what do I know. 

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  1. You should write your book!!!! Or have your blog be your book and each post can be a new chapter. I like that idea!